Sand Socks – Bare Foot Feel

Sand Socks – Bare Foot Feel

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Sand Socks are designed for use in Hot or Cold sand, in and out of water. Great for Volleyball, sand Soccer, and other sand related activities.

They have Neoprene Bottoms for Protection and Spandex Uppers for that are breathable, cool, and keep most Sand out.

Includes: Adjustable Ankle Strap – Breathable Spandex – Neoprene Toes, Heal, and Sole

Wear in or out of shoes – Machine Washable

Caution: Smooth surfaces can be slippery, especially when wet. To avoid injury, the user of this product should ensure that proper traction is  maintained at all times and should and should wear shoes or Sandals on wet/slippery surfaces.

Size’s             XS                 S                 M                 L           XL

Women         3.5-6          6.5-8.5        9-11.5         12-14        12-14

Men              2.5-4.5       4.5-6.5        7-10           10.5-12     10.5-12