Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace White

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace White

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The only ankle brace built for performance— you’ll play better and play more, losing less time to injuries with the Ultra Zoom.

The Performathane® soft shell forms to you, allowing your ankle to move in all the natural ways while helping to prevent any excessive movement that may cause an injury. The Ultra Zoom is on your ankle in seconds, protects continuously for hours and lasts for multiple seasons.

Your ankle brace size is different from your shoe size because it’s based on your ankle circumference. View our size chart for instructions on measuring your ankle circumference. You’ll use that measurement to figure out which size brace will provide the best fit. The Ultra Zoom will not fit a shoe size smaller than a women’s size 6 or a men’s size 7.

  • S/M Ultra Zoom includes a Regular length upper Activity Strap (10.5″)
  • L/XL Ultra Zoom includes an X-Long upper Activity Strap (12.5″)
  • Weight: S/M (5 oz); L/XL (6 oz)
  • Height: S/M (7″); L/XL (7.5″)
  • Design: Hinged Cuff Technology
  • Shell: Performathane Soft Shell
  • Break-In Period: 2–3 hours of athletic activity or 6–8 hours of casual wear
SIZE IN Shoe Size
S/M 14″ and below Women 7-12                Men 6-11
L/XL 14″ and above Women 12 & UP          Men 11 & UP