Adidas Volleyball Elite Kneepads Blk

Adidas Volleyball Elite Kneepads Blk

Keep your eyes on the ball, not the floor. These Adidas volleyball kneepads are made to fit the contours of your knee for a comfortable wear. Provides high level of comfort and protection. Flex zones keep you mobile for every dig and roll, while thick padding cushions impacts. Their 7.5″ sleeve height ensures you’re fully covered.

  • Breathable knit sleeve
  • Sleeve: 59% Polyester, 23% Ramie, 18% Elastane seamless
  • Sculpted padding: 80% EVA, 15% Elastane, 5% others foam
  • GL5197

Sizing Chart

Size Circumference Sleeve Length
    SMALL            14.5-15.5 in.                         7.5 in.
   MEDIUM            15.5-17.0 in.                         7.5 in.
   LARGE            17.0-18.5 in.                         7.5 in.